What is Leaping Stiles?

Leaping Stiles is a walking guide and blog focusing on all the fantastic hikes myself and my husband get up to around Wales.

Why Wales?

We’ve lived in the heart of Snowdonia for the last 5 years, having moved here from Guildford after all our birds flew the coop. Having only visited here once on a family holiday we’d dreamt for years of selling up our family home and moving to Wales. That holiday has gone down in our family’s history as being particularly disastrous. It rained constantly, the kids moaned and tempers were frayed – but through it all we fell in love with Wales. We had no idea that there were such rugged, gorgeous landscapes in the UK and found ourselves inexorably drawn back, so that we could spend every day enjoying the gorgeous landscapes and wonderful culture that this country has to offer.

Why this blog?

We’re both avid walkers and writers. During the day we drive out into Wales and discover another fascinating part of its culture. There are miles and miles of paths and routes to explore throughout Wales covering all kinds of terrain. Some years ago the Welsh government supported the building of the original Leaping Stiles site to promote walking in Mid-Wales, we used that site to find a fantastic trail whilst we were on our holiday, unfortunately the funding was cut for the site and it languished in Internet Purgatory for years. We decided to revive this site with our own experiences of living in Wales, as well as including some top tips for new hikers and those looking to visit Wales in the future.

Would you like to get involved?

We’re always looking for new contributors to the site, my husband and I spend as much time as possible writing about our hiking experiences, but there are only so many walks that we can go on in a week! When we started this blog we didn’t want it to become a vanity project, we hoped that others would read it and would be inspired to go on walks of their own and then share those stories with us. So if you happen to take a walk in Wales (or anywhere for that matter!) and fancy telling us all about, then please do send us a message over on the contact page so that we can share your experience on the site!

We both love hiking and writing, but we also have other commitments such as our home, our family and other little side projects – for this reason the site might not be updated as frequently as we’d like. Please be patient and we’ll get content up as quick as possible!

Barb and Antony