The Kids Are Coming Back!

We’re about to receive some special guests here in Wales!

Our kids are visiting for us for the first time, so we’re booking a few activities to keep us busy.

My husband and I don’t need much to keep us entertained. We discovered during our thirties that all we really needed to be happy was to be close to some lovely walks and have a decent pub within walking distance of our house. Our kids, however, are a little different. They loved living in Guildford, there was plenty to see and do whilst they were teenagers, and when they got a bit older they were less than an hour away from London – perfect! By the time they’d left home, we were ready to make a move away from urban life and they offered no form of resistance!

Both of our kids are at university in London, we’ve been trying our best to get them out to see us, but for months now they’ve been claiming that they’re simply too busy. We understand, of course, the’re a couple of young kids living in the city with friends and things to do. You can imagine how happy we were then, to find out that they’d made room in their busy schedule to come and see us! Although we were tempted to take them out into the middle of nowhere for a long hike, we knew they’d probably appreciate more variety.

Thankfully, there are no shortage of fantastic attractions here in Wales, so we ended up creating the quite packed itinerary:

Zip World

Our kids still carry the (emotional) scars of a rather disastrously planned family holiday, no doubt they’re still haunted by memories of long drives, pouring rain and endless trudging; things will be a little different this time! Zip World is one of a few modern outdoor attractions that have made North Wales a real holiday destination in the last few years, a number of pulse-racing zip line rides offer thrill-seekers a truly unforgettable ride through a disused quarry.

Surf Snowdonia

The last thing they’ll be expecting to do is jump on a surf board when they visit us, but they’ll be even more surprised when they found out where they’ll be doing it: in the heart of yet another disused quarry. It seems investors have really learned how to make the most of this country’s rich industrial lineage; this is the UK’s only artificial surfing lake and should suitably blow them away!

Conwy Castle

There are a handful of castles to explore throughout Wales, many of them constructed around about the same time by the order of Edward I. Conwy Castle has been kept in the best shape of all them and provides a really fascinating look into the Wales’ Medieval history. Although our kids have never really taken much of an interest in history, we’re pretty sure they’ll find this as interesting as we do!

Trip up the cable cars in Llandudno

Finally, after our wonderful trip to Llandudno, we’ve decided to take our kids back to this iconic seaside town. We’re sure they’ll find the town itself a little cutesy, but they’ll definitely be impressed by the cable car ride up to the Great Orme.