Taking Responsibility For Our Environment

We’ve discovered a whole world of new responsibilities!

Beyond putting our recycling in the right bins, we never had much call to think about our environment when we were living in Guildford, but now that we’re surrounded by such stunning natural beauty we feel a lot more inclined to protect it.

Our land management responsibilities grew somewhat when we moved here. Our home in Guildford was lovely, but the small space that encompassed our back garden hardly took much looking after, let alone having any real connection to the environment. When we moved out to Wales, we were gifted with a good 5 acres of land along with our humble little cottage. Antony made a joke about cutting the lawn being a little more of a challenge, he certainly wasn’t wrong!

Since moving here we’ve had to adapt our lifestyles in response to the new responsibilities that we have, as a result I certainly feel like I’m much closer to the environment than we used to be:

Preparing for livestock

Now that we have a few acres of land to look after we feel like we’ve got a much greater connection with the great outdoors. At the moment our land is sitting pretty as a piece of fallow land, but we have plans to keep a few sheep and goats to keep the grass down in the summer months, so for the time being we need to ensure that the land is in a healthy state, ready for animals to feed off it. We’ll be investing in organic feed and sweeping the land for any foreign objects that might be dangerous for our new friends.

Protecting against invasive weeds and plants

We were dimly aware of how troublesome weeds could be before moving here, we’ve had friends talk about the potential of invasive plants damaging their land but luckily we’ve not had to seek any Japanese knotweed legal advice just yet! Still, it never hurts to be careful, so we’re going to be making sure that our land is free of any nasty weeds or invasive plants by keeping in contact with our neighbours and generally staying vigilant.

Becoming a part of the community

Slowly, but surely, we’re becoming more ingratiated into the community here. We’ve been building trust with the locals here for the last few months, reaching out to them during the week for some basic food stuffs and lending a hand wherever we can. Many of the landowners here have been living here for decades, so they were no doubt a little nervous to hear that some newcomers were arriving from the other side of the country. We know that in order to stay connected with our environment we need to be a part of the community.

Keeping fences and walls in check

Part of our jobs as responsible landowners is to keep our borders in check. Although that might sound like a very American way of putting things, it turns out the more land you own, the more conscious you are of your borders! Keeping our fences and walls in a good state of repair is a responsibility that we must keep, not only to ourselves but to our neighbours too. We might not have any animals on our land yet, but it’s important that when we do, we can keep them within our borders.