Settling In: A Few Months On…

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been 6 months since we’ve moved to Wales!

We’re celebrating six months living in Wales and can’t quite deal with how fast it’s all gone…

They say life feels like it goes faster and faster once you reach a certain age, I’m not sure whether Antony and I have passed that age yet, but it certainly feels like it to us! Every now and again we sit together during the evening to figure out how far we’ve come and celebrate our successes, large and small. We never really had much of a game plan when it came to doing this ‘life’ thing, but somehow things seem to have turned out better than we could ever have expected.

We had always worried that our lives would get somewhat stale after our kids left home, so I’m grateful that we could at least subvert out own expectations – although we’re pretty sure that they still think we’re stale enough! This has been a really great year for us and one that we’re proud to be ending in our newly refurbished (and populated) home here in Wales:

The kids loved Wales

After years of eye-rolling and unconvinced groans, we finally got the whole family back together in Wales and it ended up beingĀ much more successful than the first time we tried it. We spent an action packed weekend driving between some of North Wales’ best attractions and even got the pleasure of whizzing through a disused quarry at over a hundred miles per hour. Best of all, we were able to get all of us round our new dinner table and eat a good old fashioned roast dinner.

Getting the animals in

Our land had felt a little empty for the first few months, so we were really happy when we received our first shipment of kids in November. No – we don’t mean actual children. We spent months preparing our land for the arrival of the goats, so that they had everything that they needed to thrive in their new home and thrive they had! We’re so happy to have some creatures to keep us company here.

Making some structural changes

We’d always considered the cottage to be something of a fixer-upper, we just needed some time to get settled in before making our plans. After commissioning a series of monitoring surveys to assess the structural nature of the building, we were able to move ahead with our regeneration and reconstruction plans. Our first task is to extend the back end of the house to make room for our brand new home cinema!

Planning for New Year

Celebrating New Years in our new home is going to be a particular treat, we can’t wait to get involved with whatever the community has in store with us!